Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Innovative Spread the WORD! Buzz Contest

Sneak Peek

I hope Innovative has helped you in your creative life, whether it's supporting WriTeens or being one yourself. So help us out in spreading the WORD! and


You must spread the WORD throughout your community about Innovative, through email, discussion boards, fliers, announcements or personal contact. The person who contacts the most and earns the most points will win first prize.
Email addresses will be added to the Innovative e-list. Make sure people know that.
Current subscribers don't count (sorry.) Also: made-up or defunct email addresses. Play fair.
If X emails me person Y's address, and then Z emails me person Y's address later, only person X gets the point.
However, if person Y joins in the fun halfway through and sends me the emails of A, B, C and D, they can and will be eligible for prizes.
The contest begins this Sunday, November 18th, and finishes at midnight EST December 5th. No points may be earned before or after the contest.

Points System

For every 1 email address you send me, you receive +1 point.
For every 1 post on a discussion board (like: Hey friends, check out this zine...), you receive +2 points.
For every 1 flier you post in a public place (school, library, church), you receive +3 points.
For every 1 lecture/stand-up-and-shout about Innovative, you receive +4 points.
[If there's a way of communication that I'm not aware of, email me about it and I'll figure out a point value and then post it for all to see.]
If you cheat, that's -5 points.


You can send me emails and notifications one at a time, or all together. It really doesn't matter, as long as your name is clearly labelled.
As far as email addresses go... I will be sending a confirmation email to each one, so make sure that the people you send know that they're getting it and want to get it. Or it won't count.


First Prize: Whoever Has the Most Points (20 point minimum)
1 Publishing Mentorship with Gabrielle Linnell
1 Barnes & Nobles (or Borders) Gift Card for $10.00 (or international equivalent)
1 interview in Innovative
1 autographed copy of Gabrielle's first self-published book, Lady of Sherwood

Second Prize: Person with 2nd Highest Total (18 point minimum)
1 Barnes & Nobles (or Borders) Gift Card for $5.00 (or international equivalent)
1 old copy of The Writer magazine
1 profile in Innovative
1 Crazy Surprise Gift

Over Five Points Prize: For Everyone Who Scores +5 Points
1 pack of Post-Its
An Official Innovative Thank-You note

Let the games begin on Sunday, November 18th.

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