Sunday, September 9, 2007

What do YOU read? [Issue 8]

So... what do you read?

A note:
I think we have some good WORDs coming up. Some topics to be discussed are:
-- Christopher Paolini and Fantasy WriTeens
--My Library, My Self
--Plagiarism and Opal Mehta

and more. Of course, this doesn't include WORDs from other writers. If you have a good idea you'd like to write, email me!


Gabrielle said...

A list of my favorite authors:

Kate Brian
Stephenie Meyer
Diana Wynne-Jones
Dorothy Sayers
Agatha Christie (she's still creepy)
Shannon Hale

Hana said...

I can't wait for the upcoming innovative e-mails!
My favorite authors are:

Bryan Davis
John White
J.R.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis
Brian Jaques
Jean Little
Christopher Paonili
Donita K. Paul

I can't think of any others right now.
But all these authors are really good.