Saturday, September 8, 2007

Welcome to New WriTeens!

We've had a couple people join us this week, and so I wanted to say Welcome! Obviously you're not a "New WriTeen," because you've been writing before, but it's great to have you with us. Our next issue should be released tomorrow, talking about WHY you need to read to be a good writer.

A few good things to know:
-Innovative is delivered to your inbox like a normal email. So no worries about attachments, photos, etc.
-This blog is to foster community. We don't have a lot of comments yet, but please feel free to do so! I'm on here a lot and others are coming. And it's moderated: meaning nothing gets said here that's inappropriate.
-We're small but growing. So, if you tell a friend about Innovative and they email me, you get profiled in an upcoming issue!
-There's extra information and updates posted on the site, like related articles and contest/zine reminders.
-I'm available by email if you have any questions (

Welcome to the WriTeen Community.

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