Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr. Perfect Paolini [Sept 23, 2007]

So... what do you think of him? And his work, of course.


Santeyio said...

I read Eragon. I am impressed with Paolini's getting published and all, but I really am not very impressed with Eragon. I started Eldest... read like the first page, but never finished it.

It was written well enough, but the plot was a bit too simple for me. And the characters seemed too nice and too simple.

But a good word, it did have a certain charm in it's simplicity, and I can see why so many kids/teens would like it. But me... I feel I could do better. :)

Katie Beth said...

Hmm... hard question. I liked Eragon, but I thought it was too stereotypical. Eldest got dumber as it went. Eragon is entirely too emotional, and doesn't give up on the wrong things (Arya...). I'm going to read the third book just to see what happens, but I don't really expect to like it. :-)

As for Christopher himself, I think it's amazing, and a credit to his perseverance, that he was published at 18, and I'm not saying he's a bad writer! I just think his first published story is too stereotypical/copycat. It will be interesting to see what he does as he gets older.

Gabrielle said...

OK, good things first. I think Paolini is a genius for plot and the scope of an epic; he handles a lot of crazy threads and details without going crazy. With time, he's going to mature into a really good fantasy author.

However... originality isn't his virtue, as was mentioned. I hated Eldest, to be frank. The whole Arya saga is way too predictable and boring, and he CANNOT WRITE ROMANCE. He just can't. And some of the writing in "Eldest" was very bad.

But I think he proves that people love epic fantasies, the way High School Musical proved people love musicals. Some genres never die.

Katie Beth said...

Does HSM really count as a "musical"? ;-) I hated that one too, lol.