Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Writing Lit Have You Read? [Issue 6]

So, guys... what writing lit have you read? Whether it's for school or (admit it) for fun, what do you think?

Also: has anybody recently thought about submitting to a zine? or Innovative? Dreamed of it? had nightmares of it?

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Gabrielle said...

I really hated the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum. Seriously despised it. I loved the Bravewriter classes with Julie Bogart, on

A word on writing lit: try not to read old marketing books. The industry changes a lot, and that gets really, really confusing. When an agent likes your work, they ask you to send "sample three chapters." Does this mean the first three chapters, or three random chapters? I have heard both answers to this a million times.

PYPIP ( is my favorite writing book. And yes, I've thought about submitting this week. I don't think I've ever actually dreamed about writing. That bad?