Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sophomore Undercover Giveaway!

I was given an extra copy of the FABULOUS Sophomore Undercover by Ben Esch. Fans of John Green gone wacky and biting, funny other comic writers will enjoy this one. If you want a free copy, please:

1. Live in the United States of America
2. Comment and tell me what your thoughts on Sophomores are
3. Do so by April 8th, 2009

Have fun and comment!


Madeline said...

The students that are stuck in limbo between new freshman and hard-working juniors trying to go to college. Consequently they tend to be too stupid for older grades and too stuck up for younger grades.

Unknown said...

Sophomores are basically screwed. They don't have a lot of a experience, but people don't think they need help because they are not new. It's just like being the middle child.

Anonymous said...

Sophmores: one step up from freshman. Which means the teasing won't be as bad.

Erin said...

Sophomores: stuck in the middle. Basically. haha... :)

nadine said...

Sophmores are AWESOME.
**Me being a sophmore, I might be a little bias. =)

Katie said...

The kids who think they are the best because they are no longer freshmen. Not exactly my favorite grade of students at my high school. Sorry to any sophomores that don't go to my school. You are probably really great people! said...

Sophmores are the people who think they have the right to tease freshmen, even though they were freshmen only a year before. Which is seriously annoying. (I'm a freshman.)