Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deadline Contemplations

I'm working hard on an article assigned weeks ago... that of course I haven't started until recently. Due Friday. Procrastination is part of my teenage nature, and therefore natural. However, while I procrastinate, I contemplate to prevent this situations...

Commit to an earlier date. If your deadline is April 1st, email your editor and let her know you will be done the article by March 25th. Sound insane? It probably is, but it means you will be in the editor's good graces and not emailing the article at 11:59pm on April 1.

Use your query as an outline. I love copying and pasting the original query to keep myself on track, and remember what I promised to deliver to my editor. It keeps any unexpected tangents from taking over the piece.

Put your dates in your normal agenda. I have little reminders about this article next to my Calculus homework and weekend plans. It's one way to keep it together in the midst of a crazy senior semester, twelve days from college decisions...

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CashewElliott/John said...

good ideas. It's funny how I can always seem to be 'so close' to finishing something up right when it's due. Why wouldn't I wake up 10 minutes earlier instead of turning it in 10 minutes late?

I do like the artificial deadline. It's critical.