Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Steps to Better Bandwagon Behavior

As you may have noted, I've been scarce in posting because of major exam and end-of-term nastiness. I have survived exams with fairly respectable grades and all of my internal organs intact, to become that amazing creature of American high schools: the second semester senior.


This means I can finally get back to writing. I've put off working on my novel in favor of studying, and missed my January deadlines for sending out queries. February and early March will therefore be spent revising, with 10 queries being sent out by March 20th. Freelancing? That too. It was fun to have a magazine email me after 1.5 years to see if the article I queried was still available.

Career Week will be coming up, as well as some truly AWESOME interviews coming up with some spectacular authors. I'm looking to work with other bloggers to coordinate different Spring events, celebrating Spring Break and then finally graduation.

So: rest assured, I will be back and blogging well. My column for February is up at for those who are interested in finding inspiration in your old clips.

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