Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Bookshelf: A Conversation with Courtney Summers, Part Two

- Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Here's Part Two of our interview with Courtney Summers, debut author of Cracked Up to Be. -

INN: I absolutely love your title. How did you choose it?

CS: Thank you! My sister came up with it. I had a bad title that I knew wasn't going to fly, so we brainstormed over IMs. I sent her a really, REALLY not-so-great summary of the book and she started slinging potential titles at me and I kept rejecting them until she suggested "Not All It's Cracked Up to Be." I stared at it for a minute, chopped off the first three words, thanked her profusely and promised her if it got published, the world would know she thought it up (thanks, Megan!).

INN: What are your thoughts about perfectionism in teen life?

CS: That need for order and control, to be the best, can be so emotionally taxing, especially when you're a teenager because being a teenager is one of the most crazy, fantastically imperfect times in life. And so much personal growth comes from making mistakes and NOT being perfect. It's distressing to think of teens-- or anyone, really-- holding themselves to impossibly high standards and punishing themselves when they don't meet them.

Thanks to Courtney for participating! Part Three will come on Boxing Day. If you don't know what that is, look it up and guess what part of the world I'm in!

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nadine said...

You're in Canada? And I didn't have to look that up. lol
I'm a teen and I strive to be perfect, but do laugh at my mistakes... eventually