Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If You Want to Write...

Little things to do, big things to dream about... hey! our 85th post!

Experience Yourself: Effectual Writing

Doesn't that sound so New Age?

Take five minutes to write. Right now, in an hour, whatever. Think about one experience you've had today that affected you. I mean, in the literal sense, had an effect on you. Maybe a joke on a Seinfeld rerun that made you laugh. Maybe the heartbreaking situation in Kenya made you cry. Maybe your Significant Other forgot your monthaversery. Whatever it is, think about the experience and just let your tool-of-writing fly.

Done? Good.

Now, think of one more thing. Think of a passage in a book-- an article-- an email that had an effect on you. For me, it's the last section ("Life as a Superhero") in E. Lockhart's Fly on the Wall. Those twenty or so pages are more inspiring than any life coach lessons. Or one of Hamlet's monologues, where he compares himself to a recorder and tells people not to play him.

Both of these two events have an effect on you. I can't pretend to be a writing guru, but... what affects you? What changes you? With what words can you communicate what changes you, to change the rest of the world?

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