Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good-bye and Good Luck!

After almost three years in the blogging community, I'm officially closing the blog. I've loved this experience, interviewing so many fabulous authors, emailing such promising teen writers and reviewing the books that gracious publicists have sent my way. I'm not ending my time at Innovative because of lack of subject matter, but for lack of time. College is a new kind of adventure and one to which I need to devote all of my energy.

There are too many people to thank: my family and friends who supported the blog when it was an email attachment, the blogging community who helped me get started with ideas and reviews and links, Maria Schneider for spotlighting the blog during her time at Writer's Digest, the teens who were the reason I blogged. I thank Kent Healy for giving me the opportunity to share my story in Chicken Soup: Extraordinary Teens and for expanding the Innovative community.

I'll let you know if I attempt any other blog adventures, but otherwise, thanks and good-bye!

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