Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Brief Aside: Marley and Me

What college students do in their nonexistent free time (and you think I'm kidding) is read five-year-old bestsellers that everyone else read before it was popular and quotes on a daily basis.

Marley and Me: The Collegiate Perspective

I can't review a book that's been made into a movie. It's impossible. But I told myself that I would not cry during this book and found myself devastating the one Kleenex box I packed. John's story of his home life, his kids, his writing and above all his dog was just too heart-breaking for this first-year, however free from homesickness.

When in South Florida, John Grogan missed trees and hills and beautiful places. I have trees and hills and beautiful places, but I miss dogs and kids. Not even my dogs and kids. I miss seeing little runny noses and "MOM! I WANT THAT!" and dogs urinating on city property and running up with the most intelligent looks on their faces. There is a world outside of eighteen-year-old scholars; I think I've read about it.

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