Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Innovative Logo Contest Guidelines

The Innovative Logo Contest

Our masthead and nonexistent logo need a makeover, don't you think?

This is the first of many (I hope) Innovative contests. Do you like to design graphics and play with fonts? Then check out the following information, because oh yes, there are prizes involved.

There are two components to the contest: the logo and the masthead. You must complete both to be eligible for the Grand Prize.

Logo Requirements:
--Must be small enough to be used in all Innovative emails and hopefully on the website, without making it a 48 MB file.
--Must include the words: "Innovative: A Word for the WriTeen" (although proportion and location don't matter)
--Must somehow relate to one or more of the following: innovation, writing, teens, publication, cutting edge, new ideas: what Innovative means to you.
NOTE: I will reject all Victorian-looking logos the minute my poor eyes see them. I'm looking for something that is cool, attractive and describes who we are.

Masthead Requirements:
--Must ONLY use one or more of the following fonts: Times New Roman, Courier New, Arial, Georgia, Trebuchet, Verdana.
--Must include all information on the regular Innovative masthead: Email address, website address, title, tagline, editor.
Otherwise, have at it.

General Guidelines:
--Multiple entries are accepted and encouraged (you can also submit variations of the same logo/masthead design.)
--DEADLINE: OCTOBER 21st, 2007. Winners will be announced on the website, and later in the October 28th issue. Entries will NOT be accepted after the deadline.
--Submit your work in an email to Gabrielle at innovativeteen@gmail.com . Please include your name and email address.

Grand Prize:
-- $10.00 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble or Borders
-- Publishing Mentorship with Gabrielle Linnell
I will mentor your short story, essay or article from idea to submissions masterplan. You can ask all the questions you want. I will guide you through the entire submissions process of your piece.
-- Interview in Innovative
-- Design Credit in every Innovative email

Honorable Mentions:
--Entries posted on website
--Profiles published on website

-For our international WriTeens, the gift card would be translated into an equivalent in your country.
-We've had entries already, so keep it up! I have been very impressed with what I've seen, but I'm still open to new ideas.
-Tip: Make sure you put a lot of thought into the masthead. It may seem simple, but I am looking for something good, too.
-To be clear: this is judged subjectively by me, on what I need for Innovative. This is by no means an impartial critique of graphic talent.

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